• Bakkesmod - Pros and Cons

    If you’re a Rocket League fan, there’s a great chance you’ve heard of BakkesMod. It’s among the most popular mods for the overall game, and for a good reason - it adds a lot of new features to the experience. Here are some of the best top features of BakkesMod that set it besides other mods. The initial feature we will be taking a look at is probably the most requested - replays! BakkesMod has a great replay system. The same as in vanilla Rocket League, these work flawlessly, even though you’re using several players on your team or against AI bots.


    In reality, that’s one of the key differences between this mod and others: unlike other mods that only support online play, BakkesMod could be played both offline and online. There are several small gameplay changes too. For instance, automatically, all balls spawn close to each goal rather than in the midst of the arena, where they’d enter your way. This makes it a bit easier to acquire a grip on the ball when playing for the very first time. Another nice change is that there are considerably longer, drawn-out aerial duels where you have to fight to secure or retain control of the ball.

    Some of the changes to gameplay might leave you wondering exactly how different your game may be with just a couple of tweaks. An example is power slides: depending on which surface you’re driving on, jumping at very good speeds will cause your vehicle to slide. Another fun change is ‘Random Boosts’: even if it’s not yet determined why getting random boosts while playing around corners never gets old. Perfect for pressuring your opponents or boosting out of danger; sometimes both at the same time!

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re attempting to score, juking your opponents or saving yourself each time you take the ball away with an excellent shot feels as an achievement. These are just two examples of numerous; there’s a whole lot more to find! If you’d like to test these Rocket League trainer for yourself (and trust us, you should), take a peek at our article on where you could download them. Do observe that some mods could need extra files, which we’ll link as well. Whatever the case, have fun playing Rocket League!

    That is to express, how high or low you will aim before releasing a product, so it falls to the bottom at the required location as opposed to being thrown straight ahead all its trajectories. The blue slider determines your minimum aiming height. You can’t release any items that are closer than this setting to the ground, or else they’ll start hitting the floor immediately after hitting theaters, no matter how high or low they’re aimed. The next green slider determines how much velocity is imparted to any items thrown. To get new information on Bakkes Mod please check out bakkesmod.org


    If this set of reasons doesn’t make you wish to download BakkesMod right now, then perhaps these reasons will. The ninth reason is that I’m working on a new website that enables you to customize your modpack further! You’ll manage to remove mods from the menu and rearrange them, so that it won’t be a hassle for you personally anymore to select what mod you actually want to use!

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